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  • Restaurant with an American-Inspired Tavern Experience in Springfield IL

  • Abe’s Hideout is the ideal restaurant in Springfield, IL mainly because of their diverse entrees and homemade recipes. Specializing in char-broiled burgers cooked to order; an assortment of your favorite seafood dishes like garlic broiled shrimp and our savory lemon butter salmon; or even our homemade Italian recipes so you can indulge on your pasta cravings. We truly are a restaurant of many tastes.

    Since 2009, we have taken pride in our flavors we cook up, often rivaling your favorite steakhouse or barbeque restaurant. We encourage you to visit us and start your full course meal with one of our homemade soups. If you don’t have time to dine-in, we gladly accept carry out orders AND have a party room that can cater up to 50 people!

  • The Best Place to Get Lunch or Dinner Springfield IL

  • Our famous Southern Fried Chicken is a real-life blessing and a curse. It’s hand-breaded with fresh homemade ingredients,cooked to order, and guaranteed irresistible. I know, I know. How can something that beautiful and delicious be a curse? It’s simple; our fried chicken is so good you won’t be able to try our other phenomenally flavored dishes. Anytime you stop in, you will order this irresistible fried chicken (and we are okay with that). Hey, not all curses are bad and this is one Harry Potter probably wished he had.

  • Sometimes when we are at a restaurant and all of the appetizers look and sound amazing, it can be frustrating. I mean, trying to only choose one?! Talk about first-world problems. We hate problems like that, so whether you are in the mood for fried green beans, chicken wings or popular choice pepper jack mac n cheese bites – we have this beautiful concoction called the Abe’s Sampler Platter. That’s right, Abe’s Hideout AKA first-world problem-solvers.

  • Our services

  • Bringing you the flavors of wonderful barbeque; char-broiled burgers, grilled to order, and fresh seafood-the finest salmon and catfish in town. We pride ourselves on our diverse menu suitable for everyone.

  • If you are trying to schedule a reservation of 50 people or fewer, call us today for an ultimate tavern experience, serving the finest drinks and burgers for your corporate outing or retirement ceremony.

  • Enjoy the bar and gaming experience without the hassle of the overcrowded and raunchy bar scene. We provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for your drinking and video gaming experience.

  • Plan Your Party with Abe’s Springfield IL

  • The next birthday party you plan does not have to be at the bowling alley or movie theater (how original). Instead, come down to Abe’s Hideout. We are equipped with a party room at both of our locations, and are capable of holding 50 of your closest family and friends! We accommodate birthdays, holidays, and corporate outings.

    Enjoy our homemade food selection, drink selection, and a video gaming experience that is guaranteed to keep you entertained. To get all the details, contact us at our Springfield and Mechanicsburg, IL locations for any questions and book a reservation!

  • Testimonials

  • Excellent horseshoes. Cheddary homemade cheese sauce. I had a chargrilled chicken breast and my wife had hand-pulled pork. Good service in a relaxed, low-noise atmosphere. We'll be back.

    Scott Coffman

  • I usually do not write reviews. However, on a road trip to Nashville and needed a place to eat and enjoy a cold beverage. Definitely a great place. Quick service. Excellent, hot food. Barbecue sauce amazing. Definitely wld recommend and visit again.

    Rebecca Barth

  • All you.can eat, Walleye was very good with all the trimmings. The plate came with 3 1/2 fillets and the second round came without me asking with 4 more. Couldn't eat it all. Fish sandwich is lunch tomorrow.

    Donald Kragness