Gaming Room

Abe's Hideout local restaurant and tavern - Springfield, IL location exterior - game room, hideout gaming

The Video Gaming Act Springfield IL

The Video Gaming Act, legalizing the use of Video Gaming Terminals in establishments that carry liquor licenses, was enacted on July 13, 2009. Abe’s Hideout currently has five video gaming machines for your leisure, as licensed by the Illinois Gaming Board. Our comfortable and clean atmosphere makes for a more relaxing experience for you to enjoy your gaming, which is absent from the loud, over-crowded bar scene.

The Illinois Gaming Board is charged with maintaining the integrity of gaming in Illinois. If you have information you want to bring to their attention, please call 1-855-49400237.

The Games

Currently we have five brand-new gaming machines ready for you to play for a chance to earn money. Each machine is high-tech and allows for up to 20 different kinds of games, ranging from slots and video poker to strategic video games. With fewer restaurants granted the opportunity to serve drinks and gambling, take advantage of this wonderful experience in Springfield, IL!